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旅游知识大全 英语

旅游知识大全 英语


Travel A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted. A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same. Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will make great difference. Travel can widen one’s knowledge. The farther you go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs as well as geography. If you travel the whole world some day, you will fully understand the globe on which we live. However, too much travel causes tiredness. You get on a bus or a taxi, you travel on the train or in a plane, being patient with the hours needed on your mute from one place to another, that will make you exhausted after a while. 中文: 旅游 美丽的风景继承使人感到高兴。发表在同一环境中长时间停留,使一切相同。日常工作常使人感到厌烦,但如果你走一趟,或对你的假期长途跋涉,一些景点或古迹,这将使很大的差别。 旅游可以增长人们的知识。你走得越远,就越会学到不同的政治,经济,风俗和地理知识。 如果你周游世界的某一天,你就会完全理解我们所生活的地球。 但是,过多的旅游会使人感到疲劳。不管你乘坐公共汽车或出租车得到的,你乘坐火车或飞机,要有耐心与您需要从一个地方到另一个静音时间,这将让你过了一段时间耗尽。 注:此为附件上一段


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Autumn is the season of travel, if not travel, pay attention to protect our own skin, can make skin coarse, and even cracked skin disease, affect with seborrheic appearance. Autumn traveling should pay attention to the following:
A journey, due to the increased amount of human body, increasing the quantity of endocrine, face is more sweat grease, rub-up, weather, can make the skin after dark. Therefore, we must keep skin clean, use warm water and soap wash skin with alkaline, avoid a soap.
Second, tourism should eat more vegetables and fruits, vitamin and minerals.
Third, to wash face up. At night, can remove the dirt masks pore and grease. Also can use ground surface grinding paste light.
Four, traveling to the sun, had better wear hat obscure, and appropriate sunlight wipe some containing ketone sunscreen.
Five, photographic make-up, should be proper journey of light, must pay attention to the make-up before they go to sleep.


1. The Perfect Son. A: I have the perfect son. B: Does he smoke? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does he drink whiskey? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does he ever come home late? A: No, he doesn't. B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he? A: He will be six months old next Wednesday. 完美儿子 A:我有一个很完美的儿子. B:他抽烟吗? A:不抽. B:他喝威士忌酒吗? A:不喝. B:他会不会很晚回家? A:不会. B:我想你确实有一个完美儿子. 那他多大了? A:下个星期三就满6个月了. 2. I'm Trying to Stop It Boy, why have you got cotton-wool in your ear? Is it infected? No, sir, but you said yesterday that everything you told me went in one ear and out the other , so I am trying to stop it. “孩子,你为什么用棉花塞住耳朵?它感染了吗?” “没有,老师。可是你昨天说你告诉我的知识都是一个耳朵里进,一个耳朵里出,所以我要把它堵在里面。” 3. Sorry “I'm sorry ,Madam ,but I shall have to charge you twenty dollars for pulling your boy's tooth .” “Twenty d ollars! Why ,I understand you to say that you charged only four dollars for such work!” “Yes ,but this youngster yelled so terribly that he scared four other patients out of the office .” “对不起,夫人,为您孩子拔牙我要收取20美元。” “20美元!为什么?不是说好只要4美元。” “是的,但是你的孩子大喊大叫,把另外四个病人吓跑了。” 4. Teacher:We all know that beat causes an object to expand an cold cauese it to contract. Now,can anyone give me a good example? John:Well ,in the summer the days are long,and in the winter the days are short. 老师:我们都知道热胀冷缩的道理。现在,谁给我举个例子? 约翰:嗯,在夏天天都长,在冬天天都短。 5. Second language A mother mouse was out for a stroll with her babies when she spotted a cat crouched behind a bush. She watched the cat, and the cat watched the mice. Mother mouse barked fiercely, Woof, woof, woof! The cat was so terrified that it ran for it's life. Mother mouse turned to her babies and said, Now, do you understand the value of a second language? 一只母老鼠带着孩子出来散步,突然她看见一只猫正在灌木丛中虎视耽耽。 母老鼠向着猫叫道:“汪,汪,汪”,猫听了非常害怕,拼命跑走了。 母老鼠回过头洋洋自得的对孩子说:“现在你知道外语的重要性了吧。 可以吧~



Hi, Lucy, long time no see. How is everything going? 好久不见,最近怎么样? Not so good. 不太好 What happened? 怎么啦? You know the final exam is coming and I’m a little worried about my results. 期末考试快到啦,我有点担心我的成绩 Cheer up. I believe you can make it. 振作起来,我相信你能办到的 Thank you. 谢谢 By the way, do you have any plan about your coming holiday? Where do you plan to do? 顺便问下,马上放假了,你们有什么计划吗?想去哪儿? I hope I can go to Yunnan during the spring festival. It is very beautiful and I am interested in the local culture there. The old building, the special custom, and beautiful scenery, everything is amazing! 我希望今年春节能去云南。云南很漂亮,而且我对它当地的文化十分感兴趣。古老的建筑,独特的习俗,还有美丽的风景,一切都是那么迷人。 And the Yulong mountain is very wonderful. If you have a chance to go to Yunnan, you’d better have a look at it. 玉龙雪山也很棒。如果你真有机会去,你最好去看下 of courseI will. I will try to persuade my parents to go with me. 当然。我会说服我父母带我去云南。 What about you? Any good idea?你们呢?有什么想法? I’d like to go to Hangzhou to spend a week at my uncle’s. 我会花一周的时间去我在杭州的叔叔家 How are you going there? 你怎么去? By train perhaps. My uncle will bring me to West Lake and Lingyin temple. 乘火车吧。我叔叔会带我去西湖和灵隐寺 It must be an interesting trip. I want to go to Beijing. My parents promise that they will take me to Beijing if I get good results in the final exam. 那肯定很有意思。我想去北京。我爸妈答应我,只要我在这次考试中取得好成绩就会带我去 How wonderful! I am always dreaming about paying a visit to Beijing. You are so lucky! 太棒啦。我一直梦想着去北京玩。你太幸运了 Yes. There are so many great places of interest in Beijing. 是啊。北京有好多的名胜古迹 You’d better make a list of the sites you want to see in advance.你最好在去之前把你想看的景点列张单子 And don’t forget to taste the Beijing duck. 还有别忘了去尝尝北京烤鸭 Thanks for your advice. Look, it’s lunch time. Let’s go and have lunch together. Let’s go!谢谢你们的建议。午饭时间到啦,我们一起吃饭去~


哈哈,欧洲有小摊吗? 1. Hello. There are (人数) of us. (or you can just say "3" or "2". That will be understood to mean that 2 people will be dining). 会问你要什么饮料,答冰水 ice water/water Recommendations? (推荐? Specials? (今日特价? 别忘了小费。 2. Hi! 空房?Any vacancy?入住-Check in. 3. HI! I am trying to get to ___. Could you point me which way that is? Or "Do you happen to know how I can get there?" 4. Hi! How much is this? Any discount if I get 2 of these? If you are trying to find something in supermarket, "excuse me, I am trying to find X, could you show me where?" 5. Coke please. Water please. Is that bathroom open? Can I get a blanket please?


STUART: I'm glad I brought my jacket on this trip. SHARON: Yes, I didn't know Washington, DC got so cold in winter. STUART: What would you like to do today? SHARON: I really think we should take a tour of the White House. STUART: I thought we could go to some of the museums. Don't you want to see the museums? SHARON: Of course. But today I feel like seeing the White House. We should see it first, because it's the most famous historical building here. STUART: I don't agree. I think the Capitol building is the most famous. But okay. If you want to see the White House, we'll go see it. I'm just afraid it will be boring. SHARON: Boring? How can it be boring? It sounds very interesting to me. STUART: But it's the White House. The president and his family live there. They won't let us see most of it. Probably we can only see a couple of rooms. SHARON: No, that's not true. The White House is very big. And there are a lot of historical exhibits there. The tour will take us through many different rooms. I read about it in the guide. STUART: Hmm. If that's true, then the security there must be very good. Because it's strange to think they will let people walk around in the White House. SHARON: I'm sure the security is very tight. Probably they will make us walk through metal detectors like at the airport. STUART: So I can't take my gun then. SHARON: Don't always joke like that! You don't have a gun. STUART: Yes, it's true I don't. SHARON: You shouldn't say things like that. You could get arrested! STUART: What? Do you think someone will arrest me for making a joke? Someone will arrest me here at the breakfast table? SHARON: No. But if you say something like that in the White House, they may take it seriously. Sometimes I think you joke too much. STUART: I'll be careful. Don't worry. I don't want to get arrested by the FBI. But how long does the White House tour last? SHARON: I'm not sure. I think it lasts about one hour. STUART: Alright. We should take a taxi over there right after breakfast. SHARON: First I want to look in the travel guide. Maybe they don't have tours in the morning. STUART: That's a good idea. Do you want some more coffee? SHARON: No, I'm fine. 史都尔:还好这趟行程我有带夹克来。 雪伦:是啊,我不知道华盛顿特区的冬天这么冷。 史都尔:今天想做什么? 雪伦:我真的觉得应该去参观白宫。 史都尔:我觉得可以去参观博物馆。 你不想去吗? 雪伦:当然想啊,但是今天我想去白宫。 我们应该先去那里,因为它是这里最有名的历史建筑。 史都尔:我不这么认为,美国国会大厦才是最有名的。 不过没关系,如果你想去白宫,那就去吧。 我只是怕会很无聊。 雪伦:无聊?怎么会呢?我觉得很有趣啊。 史都尔:白宫是总统和他的家人住的地方。 他们很多地方不会让人参观的,或许只能参观几间展览室而已。 雪伦:不是这样。 白宫很大,有很多历史文物。 导游人员会带我们参观各个展览室,旅游指南上有说到。 史都尔:如果是这样,那么保安工作要做得非常好才行。 因为随便让人在白宫走动是很奇怪的。 雪伦:我相信保安工作一定很严谨, 可能像机场那样必须通过侦测器。 史都尔:那么我就不能带枪啰! 雪伦:别老是开这种玩笑,你根本没有枪。 史都尔:我的确没有。 雪伦:你不应该说这种话,会被抓去的。 史都尔:什么?会有人因为我开玩笑就逮捕我? 会有人在这餐桌上就将我逮捕吗? 雪伦:不是,不过如果你在白宫说那样的话, 他们就会当真。有时候你玩笑开得太过火了。 史都尔:我会小心的,别担心,我并不想被联邦调查局的人逮捕。 不过参观白宫要多久? 雪伦:我不确定,我想大概一小时。 史都尔:好的,我们吃完早餐就搭出租车去。 雪伦:我先看看旅游指南。 很可能早上不开放参观。 史都尔:那倒是。你还要咖啡吗? 雪伦:不了,这样就够了。


I’d like to reserve a room in your hotel. 我想在贵店预订一个房间。 For what dates? 预订日期是哪一天? From April 14th to April 17th. 从4月14日到4月17日。 What kind of room do you have in mind? 你要哪种房间? I’d like a single room,please. 一个单人房间。 Double or single room? 要双人间还是单人间? I want a single room with a private bath. 我要一个有独立卫生间的单间。 Howlong do you plan to stay here? 你打算在这住多久? Two days,from Saturday to Sunday. 两天,周六和周日。 May I have your "redTag" and phone number,sir?您的姓名和电话? My "redTag" is Wang Shan, my phone number is 33600111. 我叫王珊,电话是33600111。 Is there a charge for extra beds? 外加床铺要付钱吗? Yes.It’s18% of total. 是的,是房价的18%。 Have you made a reservation? 你有预订吗? Would you please fill out this form?请填这张表,好吗? I’d like a single room with bath. 我想要个带浴室的单人间。 Please wake me up at six tomorrow morning. 请在明早6点钟叫醒我。 I’d like to leave tomorrow morning. 我打算明早离开。 A double room,please. 请给我一间双人房。 By the way, I’d like a quiet room away from the street if that is possible.顺便说一下,如有可能我想要一个不临街的安静房间。


我觉得学习英语就是方法 环境,很容易学上手的,每天就是每天坚持背诵一些常用句子、单词以及阅读一些课外读物,以达到训练自己的英语思维方式。经常和以英语为母语的人来对话练习,这样可以大大的提高自身自信,克服开口说英语的恐惧,突破哑巴口语的屏障,我现在就是这么学,大家若是还很迷茫的话,可以看看我的学习方式: 当然基本功也是很重要的。要想基本功扎实,必须全神贯注地认真听讲,上好每一节课,提高课堂效率,脚踏实地、一步一个脚印地,做到以下“五点”
三、 英语有句谚语Repetition is the mother of skills(重复是技能之母 。

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