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最近很多队员在找关于以世界之最为题写一篇英语作文的解答,今天黎编为大家搜罗5条解答来给大家解读! 有98%大神认为以世界之最为题写一篇英语作文_英语作文范文10篇值得一读!




The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes coming from areas in modern-day Mongolia and Manchuria. Several walls, also referred to as the Great Wall of China, were built since the 5th century BC, the most famous being the one built between 220 BC and 200 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang; this wall was located much further north than the current wall built during the Ming Dynasty, and little of it remains. The Great Wall of China was originally a project of Qin dynasty designed to keep out the nomadic Xiongnu invaders from the north. Some of the wall was built during the Qin, but most of it that we see today was constructed during the Ming dynasty. The Great Wall is the world's longest man-made structure, stretching over a formidable
6,352 km
3,948 miles), from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea in the east, at the limit between "China proper" and Manchuria (Northeast China), to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region . Along most of its arc, it roughly delineates the border between North China and Inner Mongolia.See List of largest buildings in the world Great Wall is all the Chinese pride! (这是写长城的)


China's Mount Everest is the world first peak, it in the Himalaya Mountains, there died at the age of the snow, the scenery is enchanting, Mount Everest has amounted to 8844.42 meters highly, but it year by year is highly also increasing, it attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists to come this watching. 译文:中国的珠穆朗玛峰是世界的第一高峰,它在喜马拉雅山上,那里终年积雪,景色迷人,珠穆朗玛峰的高度达到了8844.42米,但它的高度还在逐年增加,它吸引了许多中外游客来此观赏。


1. The biggest diamond "Cary is blue" - the weight
3,106 carats. Thediscovery to South Africa, is given to then ruler England King Edwardseven th, latter is divided 106 bright and clean small diamonds, in abig way had the world to cut the good diamond - "star of the African",it amounted to 530. 2 carats again, mounted in on the English king'spower stick. In
2. solar system hottest place sun's dead center. Most newlyestimated its temperature is
5,600 0000C. 3. On Earth rarest element astatine. Had discovered the naturalastatine element only has about 25 grams. 4. possible quickest speeds speed of light. Light the speed whichdisseminates in the vacuum is quickest, under such condition, itsspeed can amount to for 299.792458 million meters/seconds. 5. The smallest unit of length 普朗克 length, only some1000000/1000000000 centimeter (decimal point latter 34 O, then is 1). 6. North biggest desert Africa's Sahara Desert. The area approximatelyis
9.269 million square kilometers, the widest place has
5,150kilometers, the north-south range between 1 280-2 250 kilometers. 7. Biggest ocean Pacific Ocean. Including the neighbor sea, it doesnot occupy the world sea area 45.9%, the total area amounts to166.2417 million square kilometers, the average depth
3,940 meters,has covered the earth's surface 1/3. 8. Sea deepest spot Pacific Ocean Mali Asia natrium oceanic trenchbase. At present surveys the depth is
10,911 meters. 9. Biggest iceberg antarctica unique dull iceberg. According tomeasured, area above
1,000 square kilometers. 10. Longest rivers Amazon River. Its length approximately is
6,750kilometers. 11. Quickest computer Japan geoscience Yokohama research institute'sNEC Earth simulator. Its each second can carry on 3560000000000 timesof computations, supercomputer department makes by NEC a Corporationdepartment -HNSX. This machine
5,104 processors put in the cabinet,these cabinets areas are equal to 4 tennis courts 12. Earliest computer games "outer space war". From
1,961 to1962 and constructed by the American Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology student design on the PDP-I computer. 1.最大的钻石 “卡里兰”——重3 106克拉。发现于南非,被献给当时的统治者英国国王爱德华七世,后被分割成106块光洁的小钻石,产生了世界最大的切割良好的钻石——“非洲之星”,它重达530.2克拉,镶嵌在英国国王的权杖上。 2. 太阳系中最热的地方太阳的正中心。最新估计其温度是15 600 0000C。 3.地球上最稀有的元素 砹。已发现的天然砹元素只有25克左右。 4. 可能的最快速度 光速。光在真空中传播的速度最快,在这样的条件下,它的速度能达到299 792 458米/秒。 5.最小的长度单位 普朗克长度,只有10亿分之一百万厘米(小数点后34个O,然后是1)。 6.最大的沙漠非洲北部的撒哈拉沙漠。面积约为926.9万平方千米,最宽的地方有5 150千米,南北距离在1 280-2 250千米之间。 7.最大的大洋太平洋。不包括邻近的海,它占全世界海洋面积的45.9%,总面积达166 241 700平方千米,平均深度3 940米,覆盖了地球表面的1/3。 8.海洋的最深点 太平洋马里亚纳海沟的底部。目前测量到的深度是10 911米。 9.最大的冰山 南极洲特有的平板冰山。据测,面积在3.1万平方千米以上。 10.最长的河流 亚马孙河。其长度约为6 750千米。 11.最快的计算机 日本地球科学横滨研究所的NEC地球模拟器。它每秒能进行35.6万亿次计算,由NEC公司一个部门-HNSX超级计算机部制造。该机的5 104个处理器放在柜子 内,这些柜子的占地面积相当于4个网球场 12.最早的电脑游戏“太空大战”。1961—1962年间由美国麻省理工学院学生设计并建在PDP-I电脑上。


The two great inventions, computer and Internet, have been developing at a surprising speed in the past half century. At present, a virtual world has been built roughly, which is quite different from the former real one. In virtual world, by the aid of advanced communicating means, people contact each other wider, more convenient and much cheaper than those in real life. Never could I, a Chinese, imagine that I’m able to talk with my American friend free across the Pacific in traditional society. It seems that the virtual world is smaller than the real one. What’s more, it’s shown on screen and heard from earpiece rather than being touchable that everything in virtual dimension is possible not to be real, as a famous saying among cyber worms, “Nobody knows you are a dog.” Speech freedom is enough, though, netizens suppose it necessary to keep private matters secret. What is done can’t be undone in real life, in addition, and yet you can find it possible to revive yourself in computer games and to restore deleted documents in virtual office. What we have done can be rescued in virtual world. Nowadays, the two dimensions are combined closer and closer. In my opinion, keeping a balance and living a colorful life seems to be our goal.


My favorite holiday is New Year, Chinese New Year we can eat dumplings and a lot of good things to eat, but alsoReceive lucky money, parents will accompany us to the amusement park, parks,We are very happy New Year everyone likes, and I also like the Spring Festival. 我最喜欢的节日是春节,在春节我们可以吃饺子和很多好吃的东西,还可以收到压岁钱父母还会带我们去游乐园,公园,所有人都会很开心,所有人都喜欢春节,我也非常喜欢春节



1. My good friend I have a good friend. His "redTag" isTom. He is tall and handsome . He likes playing basketball and table tennis. He is good at swimming,too. He is kind and friendly. He is always ready to help others. So he can always get on well with us. He is interested in playing chess. When he is free, we often play basketball or chess. 2. Our school Our school is very big. There are two big teaching buildings. There are more than 5 hundred students and eighty teachers in our school. There is a modern library and a big playground. There are beautiful trees and flowers. Our school is alwasy clean and tidy. I like our school very much. 3. My school day I am busy when i am on my school day. I get up at six in the morning. After reading Engllish for about ten minutes, I have my breakfast. I go to school at 6:50 and class begins at 7:30. We have a morning class, four classes in the morning and four in the afternoon. Class is over at 5:10. I get home at about 6:00. After dinner, I do my homework and read some books. 4. My family's weekend Weekend is the happies time of my family. My parents and I often go to visit my grandparents on Saturday and we have lunch together. In the afternoon, we go shopping and buy lots of food,meat and begetables. On Sunday morniing, my parents often take me to the park and we have a good time there. In the afternoon, I do my homework and then we go to play table tennis. In the evening, my father often reads books and my mother surfs the internet. I finish doing my homework. 5. My winter vacation I really had a busy and happy winter holiday. I did my homework and helped my parents with the housework every day. I like drawing so much that I spent lots of time drawing pictures and read books about drawing every day. I sometimes went to the library to read books and surfed the internet.During the Spring Festival, i visited my grandparents, friends and relatives. We really had a great time together. I prepared for the new lessons and read English,too. I really enjoyed my winter holiday. 6. My new year plan Here is my new year plan. I will listen to the teacher carefully in class and review what I am leant after class.I will study hard so that I can get good grades. I will spend more time on English because I am weak in my spoken language and sometimes I am shy to speak in front of the class. I will try my best to help more people. I am going to do more sports because I think it's a good way of keeping healthy. I will help my parents do more housework and I will help my classmates with their lessons,too. 7.I will have a busy summer vacation. I am going to do my homework every day . I am going to the library to borrow some books and go to the shops to buy some books.I am going to do sports such as playing table tennis, swimming and so on. I am going to visit my grandparents and stay there for a week. I am going to help my parents do some housework. 8. I went to the home for the aged with my friends on July 30th. As soon as the eldly people saw us, they were all happy.
1.We sang songs and danced for them. Then we helped the worker clean the rooms and washes the clothes. They praized us a lot and said that we were good boys. Although we felt tired, we had a good time. 9.Dear Lucy I am very glad to hear from you. Now let me introduce myself to you. My "redTag" is Li Lei. I am eleven years old. I am tall with a pair of glasses. Now I am studying at Yuying Primary School. I am in Class One,Grade
5. I like singing and playing the piano very much. I am good at English and Chinese. My mother 10.My mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital which isn't far from our home. So she always goes to work by bike. She works hard and she is also very patient. So her workmates and the patients all like her very much. Although sometimes some patients are rude, she is very kind and she understands them a lot. She never shout to them. Sometimes she has to work at night. She likes her work very much


My Good Friend My good friend is Mei. She’s a girl. She is my classmate. Mei is tall and thin. She has two big eyes and long hair. She likes listening to music and reading books. Sometimes we listen to music together. She likes summer. Because she can swim in the summer holiday. She likes pink and white. She is in Class Four, Grade Six with me. She usually goes to school by motor cycle. Sometimes she goes to school on foot. We often go shopping together on the weekend. We will be good friends forever. 翻译:我的好朋友 我的好朋友是梅。她是个女孩。她是我的同学。 美又高又瘦。她有两只大眼睛的长发。她喜欢听音乐,喜欢读书。有时我们听音乐结合在一起。她喜欢夏天。因为她能游泳在暑假。她喜欢粉红色和白色的。她是六年级四班与我同在。她通常摩托车骑自行车上学。有时她是步行去学校。我们经常在周末去逛街。 我们将永远的好朋友。


Park There is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowersand birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy theirweekends.They like walking or having a picnic in the park.But I like flying akite with my sisiter there. 我家附近有一个公园。哪里有很多美丽的树、花和小鸟。所以很多人都喜欢到那里去度周末。他们喜欢在公园里散步或是野餐.但是我喜欢和我姐姐在那里放风筝。 Bedroom Ihave a small bedroom.There are only a small bed,a small desk and a small chairin the room.And there is a beautiful doll on my blue bed.Everyday I do myhomework,read books and play games with the doll in my bedroom.It is small,butit gives me much happiness. 我有一间小小的卧室。那里有一张小小的床、小小桌子和一把小小的椅子。而且还有一个漂亮的娃娃在我那张蓝色的小床上。我每天都在房间里写作业,看书和与我的娃娃玩。虽然房间很小,但是他给了我很多欢乐。 My father Myfather is a tall and handsome man.He is a policeman. Everyday he comes backhome very late,because he must help the others.He doesn't have time to examinemy homework and take me to the park.But I like my father,because he is a goodpoliceman. 我的爸爸是一个高大帅气的男人。他是一个警察。他每天都很晚才回家,因为他要帮助其他的人。他没有时间给我检查作业和带我去公园。但是我仍然很喜欢我的爸爸,因为他是一个好警察。 I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather iswarm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I canswim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I canplay kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow. 我是来自深圳。在春天,在天气温暖及潮湿。我可以玩风筝。在夏季,天气炎热及潮湿。我可以游泳,在游泳池。在秋天,天气凉爽,干燥。我可以玩风筝,太。在冬季,天气寒冷及干燥。它从来没有积雪。 Today is my grandpa's birthday. Our family wentback to my grandpa's home in the morning. We got together to have a big familydinner to celebrate his birthady. We bought a big birthday cake and gave somepresents to my grandpa. In theafternoon, we went to the park to go boating. We had a good time. My grandpahad a nice time on his birthday. 今天是爷爷的生日,我们全家早晨回到爷爷家。我们举行了大型家庭聚会来庆祝爷爷的生日。我们买了一个大生日蛋糕,并且送给爷爷一些礼物。 下午我们去公园划船。我们玩得很开心,爷爷过了一个愉快的生日 Mr.Knott is a teacher. He is at home. Thetelephone rings. He answers the phone.He says,“Hello.Thisis 82654379. Who's th


My family I love my family, because I have a happy family. My father is an English teacher. His is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What’s my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you’re right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is thirty-seven. My mother is always laborious work. I love my parents! On Saturday and Sunday, I often go to the library and play the piano, My father go to play basketball. Sometimes, we watch TV and listen to music at home. I love my family. Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together! 我的家庭 我爱我的家庭,因为我有一个快乐的家庭. 我的爸爸是一名英语教师,他的名字叫Jacky.他今年38岁.他非常喜欢打篮球.我的妈妈是赶什么呢?她是一名教师吗?是的.你说对了!我的妈妈是一个很亲切、友善的人,她今年37岁.我妈妈总是勤劳的干活.我爱我的父母. 在星期六和星期天里,我经常去图书馆和弹钢琴.我爸爸去打篮球.有时侯,我们都在家看电视和听音乐. 我爱我家.因为我和爸爸妈妈一起生活得很开心! Lan and Fred Lan and Fred were boys. They were both twelve years old, and they were in the same class in their school. Last Friday afternoon they had a fight in class, and their teacher was very angry. He said to both of them, “Stay here after the lessons this afternoon, and write your s a thousand times.” After the last lesson, all the other boys went home, but Lan and Fred stayed in the classroom with their teacher and begin writing their s. Then Fred began crying. The teacher looked at him and said,” Why are you crying, Fred?” “Because his ’s Lan May, and mine’s Frederick Hollingsworth,” Fred said. 易恩和富雷得 易恩和富雷得都是男孩,他们都十二岁了。他们在学校里是同班同学。上周五下午他们在学校里打了一架。为此老师很生气。老师对他们说:“下午下课后留在着把你们的名字写一千遍。” 最后一节课下课,所有的学生都回家了。只有易恩和富雷得被他们的老师留在教师里抄写他们的名字。 接着富雷得哭了起来。 老师看了看他问:“富雷得,你为什么要哭呢?” “因为他的名字是Lan May, 而我的名字确是Frederick Hollingsworth,”富雷得回答道。 Ann’s Diary Today was Sunday. Today was September 30th, 2004. It was a boring day. It was hot. I was not a work. I watched TV all morning. The shows were boring. Then I called my friend, Nancy. She wasn’t at home. I didn’t know where she was. At twelve I was hungry. There was not any food in the fridge. I was lazy. I was tired. Then I ate lunch outside. At one o’clock. I was in bed. In the afternoon I was at the movies. The film was boring. I'm glad tomorrow is Monday. I can go to school and see my friends. 安的日记 今天是星期天,2004年9月30日。这是令人厌烦的一天。今天天气很热,我呆在家里,不用去上学。 我看了一上午的电视。电视节目和无聊。于是我给好朋友南西打电话,可她不在家。我不知道她去哪里了。 十二点我饿了,可是冰箱里什么食物都没有。我很懒惰,也很劳累,于是我出去吃了午饭。一点我上床睡觉。下午我去了电影院。电影很无聊。很高兴明天就是星期一了,我有可以返回学校见到我的好朋友了。 Notice To all the teachers and students in Grade
7, This afternoon, all the students in Grade 7 will go to the West Hill to plant trees. We'll take a bus there, and make sure to gather at the school gate at 2pm. Don't be late. The school office March 18th, 2006 告示 今天下午七年级全体同学要乘车去西山(West Hill)植树(plant trees).请2:00准时在校门口集合 或者 watermelon is many people's favorite. it is sweet and it has a lot of water. watermelon has two colors, green outside and red inside. people usually have watermelons in summer. but nowadays we can eat watermelon every season in the year. 西瓜 西瓜是很多人喜欢的食物。它很甜而且水量多。西瓜的颜色,外面是绿的里面是红的。人们以往通常在夏天才吃西瓜,但现在一年的每个季节我们都可以吃到西瓜了。 Inside the Russian Embassy in London a KGB colonel puffed a cigarette as he read the handwritten note for the third time. There was no need for the writer to express regret, he though. Correcting this problem would be easy. He would do that in a moment. The thought of it caused a grim smile to appear and joy to his heart. But he pushed away those thoughts and turned his attention to a framed photograph on his desk. His wife was beautiful, he told himself as he remembered the day they were married. That was forty-three years ago, and it had been the proudest and happiest day of his life. 在伦敦的俄国使馆,一位克格勃上校一边吞云吐雾,一边读着一张手写的字条,这已是他第三次在读这张字条了。便条的作者不必表示遗憾了,上校这样想着。纠正这个错误其实很容易。他只要一会儿工夫便会做到。想到这里,他的脸上不禁浮现出一种可怕的笑容,他内心深处既伤感而又快活。上校从沉思中游离出来,将注意力集中到桌子上的一个像框上,他的妻子是位美丽的女人,当想起他们成婚的那一天时他不禁自语道。那已是43年前的事情了,可却是他一生中最自豪最幸福的日子 I Must Go Home Three men were discussing at a bar about coincidences. The first man said “My wife was reading A Tale Of Two Cities and she gave a birth to twins.” “That’s funny.” The second man remarked,“My wife was readi- ng Three Musketeers and she gave birth to triplets!” The third man shouted, “Good God,I have to rush home!” When asked and what the problem was,he exclaimed, “When I left,my wife was reading Ail Baba and the Forty Thieves!!!” NO.2 The 2008 Olympics have been hold successfully.We are all excited about it because it's the first time for China and all Chinese to hold the Olympic games. Our great country has made a lot of preparations for the games since 2001.We students have planted many trees to make the environment more and more beautiful.What's more,all Chiness people are glad to welcome the friends from all over the world.We are sure Chinese athletes will try their best to show we Chinese is strong!Now all Chinese people are ready.We want to say to Everyone : Welcome to China!We are ready! Let's wish the 2008 Olympics seccessful! 3. Four best friends met at the hospital since their wives were giving births to their babies. The nurse comes up to the first man and says, Congratulations, you got twins. The man said How strange, I'm the manager of Minnesota Twins. After awhile the nurse comes up to the second man and says, Congratulations, you got triplets. Man was like Hmmm, strange I worked as a director for the 3 musketeers. Finally, the nurse comes up to the third man and says Congratulations, you got twins x2. Man is happy and says, Ironic, I work for the hotel 4 Seasons. All three of them are happy until they see their last buddy jumping all over the place, cursing God and banging his head on the wall. They asked him what's wrong and he answered, What's wrong? I work for 7up! No.4 That must be the story of innumerable couples,and the pattern of lifeof life it offers has a homely grace.It reminds you of a placid rivulet,meandering smoohtly through green pastures and shaded by pleasant trees,till at last it falls into the vasty sea;but the sea is so calm,so silent,so infifferent,that you are troubled suddently by a vague uneasiness.Perhaps it is only by a kink in my nature,strong in me even in those days,that i felt in such an existence,the share of the great majority,something amiss.I recognized its social value.I saw its ordered happiness,but a fever in my blood asked for a wilder course.There seemed to me something alarming in such easy delights.In my heart was desire to live more dangerously.I was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous,shoals it I could only have change-change and the exicitement of unforeseen Tom likes sports very much. Everyday, he gets up early and goes out for running. At school, he always plays basketball for more than 2 hours. It is good for his health. He looks stronger than any other students in his class. Tom likes making friends, too. He is an open boy. Everyone knows him would like to make friends with him. He is always warm-hearted. And he is always there to help others.


绝对超过十篇,自己选,加分呀 我的暑假(My Summer Vacation) Summertime is the besttime of the year.There is no school for monthsI get to do what I want.With no tests no homework,I'm as free as a bird. I do many things during the summer vacation.I relax by reading books watching TV.I also hang out with my friends travel with my family.However,I don't play in summer.I take advantage of the free time to learn more.For example,last summer I learned to swim.This summer I might study computers or English.Summer vacation flies by fast,so it's important to do as as you can. 暑假打工(A Part-time Job) This summer vacation I got a part-time job in a snack bar. At the beginning, I couldn’t do well at all often made mistakes. I was very low-spirited,father mother encouraged me a lot. So I began to try my best. Gradually, I could do a very good job. I felt very excited when I received my pay for the first time. I already made up my mind to find another part-time job in this winter vacation. I believe I can do better next time. 快乐暑假英语作文 Summer Vacation I enjoy summer vacation very much. Because summer vacation is the longest vacation of the year. We have more than fifty days to rest. Though it is very hot, we can either go to swim or stay in the air-conditioned room . In the evening, I like to go shopping with my friends. We can eat many things in summer, such as ice creams, watermelons, grapes, so on.In summer, I always go on a trip with my parents. It's a good chance for us to visit some nice interesting places. 关于暑假生活的英语作文 I often go to see my grandma grandpa during my summer vacation.They are both seventy years old live in the country happily. Summer view of the countryside is very beautiful. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning, breathing the fresh air,listening to the birds singing, enjoying the green trees, red flowers the river. I like fishing with my friends. When night comes, I sit under the tree with my grandma, listening to her telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When I have to go back,I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country. 介绍暑假的英语作文 This year's summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of the village, the water in which was quite clear. I kept a diary every day. Besides doing farm work, I help the children in the neighborhood with their lessons. All of them showed interest in English. They could read write wellthey could hardly understand simple English. So every day in the morning I spent about two hours helping them improve their listening spoken English. They all made great progress. Their parents all thought highly of me. I now realize that knowledge is very needed in the countryside. 1.暑期生活-During Summer Vacation 新学期开始了,同学们都返回学校重新见面。他们正在谈论自己的暑假生活。我更高兴,迫不及待地想告诉他们我是怎么过的。终于轮到我,了,我告诉他们我暑假期间在一家餐馆当服务员。他们起初并不相信。“是真的。”我说,“刚开始时可惨了,但几天我就做得很好了。暑假我挣了600元钱呢。”他们都目瞪口呆地看着我。 A new term began. Students all returned to school met again. They were talking about what they had done in the holidays. I was happier. I couldn't wait to tell my story. Now it's my turn. I told them I got a job in a restaurant. I worked as a waitress. They didn't believe at first. "Yes, it's true. "I said," I really had a hard time at the beginning. But several days later, I could do a good job. I earned six hundred yuan this holiday. "They all looked at me with their mouths open. 2.快乐的暑假生活-Happy Summer Holidays My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day. Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them read English improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me for this. 今年的暑假生活非常愉快。我去农村过暑假。那儿非常美丽,有绿色的植物,清澈的小河,可爱的动物和善良的人们。在那里的两周中我帮爷爷干了些农活。每天我在日记中记下所发生的事情。 除了这些,我还帮助邻居家的孩子做功课。我帮他们读英语,使他们的口语有所提高。他们的父母为此很感激我。 3.乡村游记-A TRIP TO THE COUNTRY I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants, clear rivers lovely amimals there.I breathed the fresh air on the mountain sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day. I liked not the scene of the countryside, 8ttt8.comalso the people there. I helped them to do farm work. I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English. They were good at reading writing, 8ttt8.comdid not do well in listening speaking. I helped them improve their listening speaking. Their parents thought highly of me. I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside. 今年我去农村过暑假。我喜欢那儿绿油油的植物,清澈的小河和可爱的动物。我在山上呼吸新鲜的空气,有时在河里游泳。我每天记日记。 我不仅喜欢那里的景色,而且喜欢那里的人。我帮他们干农活,帮助邻家的孩子复习功课。孩子们对英语很感兴趣,他们在读、写方面很好,但听、说不好。我帮助他们提高听、说能力,他们的父母高度赞扬了我。我意识到农村确实需要知识。 An unforgettable thing during Summer vacation It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my i took the bus got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too. In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind. In a word,today is a unforgetive day.because i saw my relatives helped people. 1. It was Mom’s Birthday One day Mon said to me "I love you. son" I was very happy that day and went to school. 6 o'clock in the afternoon, I went back home. Dad was also back and there was a big cake on the table. I asked him "why there is a cake? can I eat it?" Dad answered "No. Mom should eat first." "why?" I asked again. "because it's your mom's birthday" then I remembered mom said "I love you" to me in the morning. it was mom's birthday, but I didn't know that. and she said "I love you" to me. 2. I love my parents Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates his/her whole life to me? My parents. Who gives me food? Who gives me clothes? Who gives me care? My parents. My parents, they don’t want to get any reward from me. Not only my parents, all the parents in the world don’t charge anything from their children. They give us everything they can. They spend their whole life loving me, so I love my parents, too. Since I was given birth, I’ve started to love them even if I didn’t realize it. It will be the time for my birthday soon. I want to say to my parents: I love you. 3. Our school Our school was built in 1945 and a great number of students have graduated from it. Now many of them have become scientists,professors and engineers. Many students have also become workers and farmers after graduation. They have achieved great success in the development of modern industry and agriculture. All the teachers here are trying their best to do their work well. Every students is making full use of his time to train himself to be a qualified student. 4. My net friend I was only nine years old when I learnt how to use a computer. My mother is my first teacher. I know how to type, how to copy a file, and how to visit a web site on the Internet. One day, mom was not at home. I turned on the computer and began to learn how to chat on net. The first one I met there was a boy called Tom. He greeted me politely. When he knew that I was only a 9-year-old girl, and almost knew nothing about chatting on net,he started showing me how to use the chatting tools, how to download, and how to send e-mails. I learnt a lot from him. 5. Weekends Weekends to people mean that they can have a two-day good rest. For example, people can go out to enjoy themselves or get together with relatives and friends to talk with each other or watch interesting video tapes with the whole family. I often spend weekends with my family or my friends. Sometimes my parents take me on a visit to their old friends. Sometimes I go to the library to study or borrow some books to gain much knowledge. I also go to see various exhibition to broaden my vision. An excursion to seashore or mountain resorts is my favorite way of spending weekends. Weekends are always enjoyable for me. 6. My best friend I have a best friend. She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small nose. She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good. She is hard-working. Her favorite season is summer,because it’s hot,she can eat ice- cream. She likes playing the piano,reading books and singing songs. Who’s she?She is my best friend ——Sun Mengqi. She has a very good English ,too——Angle. 7. A happy day Today is the National Day.It is our country’s birthday. Now she is 56.I am very happy. Today in the afternoon,I go to the park,people all look so happy. Someone is doing exercise,someone is singing the nation song. A little girl comes to me and says to me,happy National Day.I know she loves the country,but I love her,too. Today is a happy day 8. My family Look at this photograph of my family. There are five people in it. The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is not as my father. She is three years younger than my father. Sitting in front of them are my grandparents. My grandfather is that fat one with a pair of glasses. My grandmother is as fat as he. This little one is me. I’m sitting between them. All of us love one anther. I have a happy family 9. Spring is coming Winter has gone,and spring is coming on . Watching the ice melting,I know the whole earth is being rejuvenated from the winter. A variety of flowers come out to show their beauty and bring us fragrance .It is a feast for our eyes and souls. The yellow grass suddenly turn green. The young leaves grow on the branches. The swallows fly back home with the greeting of spring . Everything is coming to life. Feeling the warm sunshine,enjoying the beautiful scenery,listening to the wonderful music,drinking the new tea,my mood is perfect and I have nothing else to desire. Spring is the most fantastic season in the year .It means so much to the other three seasons. 10. Mailing a letter All large cities around the world have many post offices located throughout the city,and even the smallest village has at least one postal station. You may go to a post office to mail a letter. However,there are mail boxes located on every second or third corner in all cities and towns. Any letter or small package having sufficient postage may be dropped in any of these mail boxes. If a person wishes a letter to be delivered more quickly to the address,he may buy a special delivery stamp and delivery is made directly by the messenger instead of by the regular carrier.


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